I created this blog to have a place to expand on the sports-analytics questions that interested me, and that, previously, had been confined to the comment sections on Tom Tango or Joe Poznanski’s blogs; and to possibly write about other topics that might interest me.

My background is doing research in astronomy and astrophysics, particularly time-domain astronomy, supernovas, and dark energy. You can contact me with the form below, or by sending email to bepd50 at gmail dot com.

The moniker fivetwentyone is a nod to Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight, and to the concept of valuing data and quantitative analysis over platitudinous narratives. ok, but why fivetwentyone, and not fourtwelve, or eightohnine, or any other obscure number…?

because Ted Williams; and Willie McCovey; and the rule of 17;

but most importantly, because, they’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers


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